Samsung provide Galaxy Note7 exchange station in KLIA & KLIA 2 5

As the airlines start to impose the ban hammer on the ill-fated Galaxy Note7, prohibiting the carriage of the once great phablet onto any flights, this will definitely cause a lot of inconvenience to those owners who are a frequent traveller.

Hence, Samsung is setting up booths in some of the most frequently visited airports to assist Galaxy Note7 customers on the exchange process. In our case, Samsung is setting up booths at KLIA and KLIA 2.

  • KLIA: Level 5, Main Terminal (beside the Emirates ticketing counter)
  • KLIA 2: Mezzanine Level, Departure Hall, Sector 2

The exchange applies to all locally purchased units as well as the  overseas unit.

In short, you just need to:

  1. Backup your Samsung Galaxy Note7 data using “Smart Switch” mobile app to MicroSD card.
  2. Return your Samsung Galaxy Note7 at the booth.
  3. If you are Malaysia Pre-Order Customer, local Samsung Customer Service will contact you to arrange for an exchange/refund.
    If you are Non-Malaysia Pre-Order Customer, provide your boarding pass and passport for verification, local Samsung Customer Service will issue a “Samsung Galaxy Note7 receipt” for you to claim the exchange/refund at your home country.

Of course, Samsung does provide loaner device if you need a phone for travel:

  1. Show your passport and boarding pass for verification.
  2. Fill up “Samsung Galaxy Note7 receipt” form and a loan device will be provided.
  3. Upon returning to the home country, you may visit your nearest Samsung Customer Service Centre to return the loan device and proceed with an exchange/refund.

More info.

Exchange or Refund?

If you wonder whether you should proceed with an exchange or refund, here’s some TL;DR information that we hope to help you in your decision making:

Exchange -> You get a brand new S7 Edge + RM300 refund to your bank account
Refund -> You get RM2879.10 refund to your bank account.

More info on the Exchange/Refund process.


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