Overclocker Kovan Yang Set A New Record For Intel Core i7-8700K at 7405.12MHz 1

Not long after the embargo is lifted, renown overclocking evangelist Der8auer submitted his record for the Core i7-8700K with all cores running on 7300 MHz using a ROG Maximus X Apex motherboard. The record is then quickly overtaken by overclocker Kovan Yang, using a MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming, with all cores running on 7405.12 MHz.
Overclocker Kovan Yang Set A New Record For Intel Core i7-8700K at 7405.12MHz 3
The 6 core 12 thread Core i7-8700K has a base clock speed of 3.7GHz, but it can achieve a whopping 4.7GHz max Turbo Frequency with ease. The i7-8700K is able to run on 5GHz with ease, performing better in stability test at higher clocks and lower voltages compared to the Core i7 from the previous generations, i7-6700K and i7-7700K mainly.
Both the previous generation i7-6700K and i7-7700K that we’ve tested in the past requires a much higher voltage on Vcore to maintain its stability at 5GHz. As result, the CPU gets hot easily and it requires a very good CPU cooler to keep the temperature low. 
The Core i7-8700K which we have just received yesterday, is capable of running at 5GHz with a surprisingly low voltage of 1.21V on Vcore. By using the XSPC RayStorm Pro Ion AX240 Liquid Cooling Kit, we’re able perform various stress test on the Core i7-8700K running at 5GHz with a maximum temperature of 77°C.

We managed to push the Core i7-8700K a little further to 5.2GHz, but it requires a much higher voltage of up to 1.532V to maintain its stability. Feeding the CPU with 1.532V will of course result in a much higher temperature, ours topped at 94°C within seconds and thermal throttle starts kicking in.

We backed a little to 5.1GHz, with 1.365V supplied to the CPU and the result is just as good. The CPU temperature after we lowered the CPU frequency to 5.1GHz hovers around 83-84°C, which isn’t bad at all. The only issue we have is the temperature of the MOSFET that skyrocketed to 80°C when we started our stress test at 5GHz.
(Source: HWBot.org)


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