AMD’s 3rd gen Ryzen CPU will soon be available in two weeks time but we’re already seeing some actual performance numbers leak of the Ryzen R5 3600 from those who managed to get their hands earlier on the engineering samples from AMD.

Apart from the Cinebench R20 leaks on Videocardz’s Twitter, there are also leaked Cinebench R15 benchmark from some Chinese source for better reference – since Cinebench R15 is easier to get compared to Cinebench R20. The leaked Cinebench R15 scores were spotted on Reddit earlier today by Overclockers UK Forum users from the AMD Zen 2 discussion thread.

Based on the leaked screenshots, we can see that the Ryzen R5 3600 performs almost on par with Intel’s Core i7-9700K on multi-core performance. In case if you wonder, the test is done with the R5 3600 running on 4.2GHz stock frequency and DDR4-2666. According to the source, it’s roughly 15% increase in performance as compared to the R5 2600 on 4.2GHz and DDR-2666.

In one of the references on Chiphell, we can see that the numbers from the R5 3600 are pretty close to the Intel Core i7-8700K score as well. Although we can’t be 100% sure that it will be superior to Intel’s Core i7-9700K and i7-8700K, things are actually looking pretty good for the $199 Ryzen CPU.

R9 3950XR9 3900XR7 3800XR7 3700XR5 3600XR5 3600
Turbo clock4.7GHz4.6GHz4.5GHz4.4GHz4.4GHz4.2GHz
Base clock3.5GHz3.8GHz3.9GHz3.6GHz3.8GHz3.6GHz

Other than the R9 3950X which will be available later in September 2019, the rest of the 3rd gen Ryzen 3000 series desktop CPU will be available for sale starting from July 7th onwards. It’s just a rough guess, but the R5 3600X and R5 3600 will sure to be a popular choice for mid-range gaming PC build just like what we’ve seen on both the previous generation R5 1600 and R5 2600.


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