Not only NVIDIA is preparing the launch of the GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs for the inevitable future, their latest work involves the United Nation and more so involves the entire earth.

NVIDIA United Nation Climate Disaster Management 1

In order to foster climate action for a healthy global environment, Team Green is teaming up with the United Nations Satellite Center (UNOSAT) to apply the powers of AI and deep learning for the sake of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ while serving as the call to action for all UN members to take part and bolster global well-being.

Also known as AI4EO, the initiative is focusing on climate-related disaster management by utilizing AI for Earth Observation to monitor and assess planet changes across the planet of green and blue. How will they do it? First, they’ll pack the existing satellite imagery technology infrastructure with NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform to collect and analyze geospatial info, or in other terms, grab near-real-time insights about natural disasters like floods, wildfires, and more.

NVIDIA United Nation Climate Disaster Management 2

Taking a page out of the Philippines’ most recent tropical cyclone or the volcanic eruption that happened in Tonga, UNOSAT’s emergency mapping service uses computer vision and satellite imagery analysis to get information. However, at times it might not be as real-time as it could be which can result in delayed decisions that might make or break the golden period of performing rescues or cutting the scale of the disasters, just to list a few. However, through the power of NVIDIA DGX systems and EGX platforms, the power of accelerated computing from the data center to edge consisting of immense AI predicted results, things like flood detection are now 7 times faster with greater area coverage and accuracy as well.

NVIDIA United Nation Climate Disaster Management 3

To pack professionals in the AI and deep learning sector, UNOSAT has launched yet another educational module that was built upon NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute course dedicated to those who like to learn how to apply deep learning methods to generate accurate flood detection models. And best of all, the module and study will be completely free so that data scientists around the world can be upskilled through the sample involving one of Nepal’s flooding disasters and be prepared to predict and respond to future events.

Get started with the course, click here.


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