Asobo Studio and Focus Entertainment’s upcoming heart-tearing and brutal game of telling a story about surviving in a world with a loved one will be carrying a big technical aid from NVIDIA to deliver visual element upgrades by RTX.

A Plague Tale NVIDIA RTX

In short, the game will be launched with ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS so that every gamer rocking any GeForce RTX GPUs will be able to enjoy the game with photorealistic lighting and shadows or just straight up to get more FPS thanks to the AI upscaling things neatly and smartly. Slated for an October release, not only pre-existing users using the GeForce RTX 30 series cards are guaranteed to enjoy all the goodies but it is also pretty exciting to see how far will the next-gen GeForce RTX 40 series offerings take for 4K/144Hz gaming to be expectedly more affordable or maybe additional breakthroughs in the 8K scene could be nice as well.

Check out the extended gameplay and release date trailer about A Plague Tale: Requiem down below.


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