Surely some of you had some fun with Portal RTX and Half-Life 2 RTX last year but those who kept on itching about diving deep into the AI tech behind the remasters yet were unable to do so may rejoice as RTX Remix has officially entered public beta and everyone can download and give it a go.

NVIDIA RTX Remix Beta Launch 2

With so many classic games powered by DX8 and DX9 practically getting a “modern refresh” through the power of path tracing for elevated visual fidelity together with things like DLSS and Reflex, reexperiencing the nostalgia will not be the same for sure but at least it is a fresh breath of air (especially when there are no remakes for them).

To simply explain RTX Remix, what it does is capture game scenes through the in-game engine, recreate lights and remastered assets based on the existing ones, and then inject the new ones back into the game at playback.

A comprehensive starting guide listing all the tools and software you need is right here.


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