The yearly world-class industrial trade fair Hannover Messe is back for 2024 and we had a chance to talk to the organizers and representatives who are behind one of the longest-running exhibitions in history.

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Just for a little bit of context, Hannover Messe started way back in 1947 as an economic initiative for post-war Germany and was proven hugely successful with all sorts of industrial collaboration bringing in advanced equipment (mostly mechanical at that time) into the country.

Since then, thanks to the boom of semiconductor-based technology and globalization bringing everyone around the world together, the fair is now a global sensation for professionals and leading players of various sectors to come and discover opportunities and potential partnerships.

The event will also give out the ‘Hermes Award’ – given to only the most innovative use of technology that has premiered at the fair and is also market-ready to ship/be offered. Iti is globally recognized as one of the most heavy-weight awards one can receive in the R&D industry just so you know.

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At the roundtable, we explored this year’s main theme which is sustainable industry and development covering the top players down to the SMEs as environment protection and climate change issues are basically everyone’s problem and need to be solved together.

The rise of life-changing technology like generative AI and associated concerns involving privacy, legality, and technical management of the hottest tech buzz since 2023 will also be the headlines of several forums over at the trade fair.

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We also got some nice insights about Norway, the proud Partner Country of Hannover Messe 2024. The idea and process of becoming a Partner Country is somehow akin to becoming the hosting country of a global event like the Olympics – there are many aspects to factor in such as the scale of specific industries, geological advantages, political support, and stances in various topics and themes, and more.

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For example, Norway champions itself as a country powered by nature where the abundance of resources has led to the rise of various technological breakthroughs especially in the energy sector.

One of the quoted examples is the initial oversupply of electrical energy obtained through hydroelectric plants. Since they have plenty of water-based resources and practically hog excessive power anyway, Norway has invested in the production of hydrogen gas through the separation of H2O molecules to utilize both electricity and water efficiently.

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As for why they are stopping by Malaysia, one of their aims is to cordially invite everyone in the industry to participate in the fair as an attendee because the local market has the potential to be great yet is not sufficient in being exposed to cutting-edge technologies a.k.a what the rest of the world is doing.

Aside from that, prominent local figures and representatives have all come together to discuss about details of the fair as well as thoughts about the current state of Malaysia in addition to the possibility of being selected as a Partner Country in the future (Since Indonesia was the only SEA country to be selected, let alone multiple times).

More information about Hannover Messe as a fair as well as Norway’s participation can be found here.


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