Along with the new driver update, NVIDIA also released a trio of RTX technology showcase demos, giving gamers a taste of the immersive real-time ray-traced visuals and improved performance that developers are bringing to games.

NVIDIA Ray Tracing On GeForce GTX graphics cards (1)

The three demos, which are available for free to all GeForce gamers, include:

  • Atomic Heart RTX tech demo –Atomic Heart tech demo is a beautifully detailed tech demo from Mundfish that features ray traced reflections and shadows, as well as NVIDIA DLSS technology.
  • Justice tech demo – Justice tech demo hails from China, and features ray traced reflections, shadows, and NVIDIA DLSS technology. It is the first time that real time ray tracing has been used for caustics.
  • Reflections tech demo – The Reflections tech demo was created by Epic Games in collaboration with ILMxLAB and NVIDIA. Reflections offers a sneak peek at gaming’s cinematic future with a stunning, witty demo that showcases ray-traced reflections, ray-traced area light shadows, ray-traced ambient occlusion for characters and NVIDIA DLSS technology.

If you’re interested in giving these demos a try, all of the new technology showcase demos can be downloaded at


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