NVIDIA recently released updates to its AI-powered tools, the ChatRTX and RTX Remix. These updates offer expanded functionality and improved performance for users.

NVIDIA AI Decoded - ChatRTX and RTX Remix gets new updates

ChatRTX Gains New Features

ChatRTX, a chatbot application for interacting with local data, received several enhancements in the latest update:

  • Support for Additional Large Language Models (LLMs): Users now have access to a wider range of LLMs, such as Gemma (open-source LLM from Google AI) and ChatGLM3 (bilingual English-Chinese LLM). This allows for greater customization of chatbot responses.
  • Image Interaction via Natural Language: Integration with OpenAI’s CLIP technology enables users to interact with photos and images stored locally using natural language queries. Complex metadata labeling is no longer necessary.
  • Voice Command Support: Integration with Whisper, an AI speech recognition system, allows users to interact with ChatRTX through voice commands and receive text responses.

You can download ChatRTX for compatible NVIDIA RTX-powered Windows PCs and workstations to explore these new features in this link: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/ai-on-rtx/chatrtx/

RTX Remix Receives Beta Update

Up next is the RTX Remix modding platform, which is designed for creating AI-powered remakes of classic PC games also received a new beta update:

  • Enhanced Ray Tracing with DLSS 3.5: RTX Remix now supports DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction. This technology improves the quality and performance of ray-traced effects within game remakes, benefiting NVIDIA GeForce RTX gamers.
  • AI-Powered Texture Tools: RTX Remix features generative AI texture tools that analyze and enhance low-resolution textures from classic games. These tools automatically generate high-quality materials and upscale resolution, streamlining the modding process.

You can learn more about the New RTX Remix Beta Update on the NVIDIA GeForce website. This update empowers users to create more visually stunning game remakes.


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