NVIDIA has released the new 552.12 version of Game Ready Driver to take care of fellow Call of Duty Modern Warfare III and Warzone gamers who are getting into the Season 3 content.

Call of Duty MW 3 and Warzone Season 3

With Rebirth Island coming back for Warzone once again but with new gameplay features that shift play styles all around, DLSS 3 is here to improve frame rates by up to 55% on average for better motion clarity, responsiveness, and smoother aiming.

Baller much and have too many frame rates that went above your monitor’s refresh rate? Then flick that NVIDIA DLAA switch to ON to take that number back down a bit while getting more visual fidelity.

Otherwise, NVIDIA Reflex will be a real assistance to almost everyone on the low hardware level by removing latency as high as 28% between gadgets and the system, benefiting not only multiplayer sessions but also single-player content.

Click here to download the driver manually and update through GeForce Experience starting today.


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