Rohde & Schwarz has launched the R&S NGC100, a new series of DC power supplies designed for a wide range of applications in the electronics industry.

Beyond the Basics:

The R&S NGC100 goes beyond simply providing stable DC power. It offers features like remote control and programmable sequences, making it ideal for complex testing scenarios. The series includes one, two, and three-channel models, delivering up to 32V and 10A per channel.

Compact and Versatile:

These lightweight units are perfect for space-saving setups. Each channel in the multi-channel models is fully isolated, allowing for independent use or combined connection for increased voltage or current output.

Safety and User Convenience:

The R&S NGC100 prioritizes safety with built-in electrical and thermal protection. Users can program voltage and current changes, ensuring smooth operation and protecting connected devices. Additionally, remote control and logging capabilities enhance user experience.

Seamless Integration:

The R&S NGC100 offers USB, LAN, and optional GPIB interfaces for comprehensive control. External control options include digital triggers and analog inputs for precise adjustments.

Successor and More:

The R&S NGC100 serves as a replacement for the R&S HMC804x series, offering compatibility and expanded functionality. It’s part of the R&S Essentials portfolio, available directly from Rohde & Schwarz and their partners.

See it in Action:

Experience the R&S NGC100 firsthand at the upcoming embedded world Exhibition in Nuremberg!

Learn More:

For detailed information on the R&S NGC100 power supply series, visit the Rohde & Schwarz website:


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