Both Team Red and Team Green have released the latest GPU drivers for gamers to enjoy the latest titles in the market.

NVIDIA Reflex Rainbow Six: Siege

We’ll start off with NVIDIA’s. The update first brings optimizations to newly released titles by Square Enix such as Outriders, Evil Genius 2: World Domination, and Kingdom Hearts alongside DIRT 5’s RTX implementation. Additionally, all desktop and mobile version of the RTX 30 series GPUs has received Resizable BAR support to make sure the GPU memory gets accessed on-demand with higher speed and bandwidth to (hopefully) give you some extra FPS in your games. Beta functions for virtualization have also been added for additional features to come.

Speaking of features, Rainbox Six: Siege has also officially received the long-awaited NVIDIA Reflex plugin to give competitive players pure technical advantages with reduced latency across the entire system. As a side note, 5 new monitors have been verified for G-SYNC compatibility including ASUS’s XG16A, Dell’s S2522HG, LG’s 7GP850/27GP83B, and 32GP850/32GP83B, and Xiaomi’s Mi 245 HF1. Get the drivers updated now if you run these monitors to start enjoying tearless gameplay.

AMD FidelityFX

On AMD’s side of things, it also contains DirectX Ray Tracing implementation to DIRT 5 and optimizations to Outriders and Evil Genius 2: World Domination as well.


The download links below will take you to the download page manually, or let the automatic updater work the magic for you.


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