NetApp has announced they are working with NVIDIA again by integrating the latest offerings by Team Green, namely NVIDIA NIMs, into its business portfolio.


The tech in question is Retrieval-Augmented Generation or RAG for short. Simply speaking, this is one of the “subset” features that can be utilized by generative AI applications to fetch data and facts from external sources.

Imagine it an assistant assigned to a given LLM (I don’t know, you can put ChatGPT or Gemini to the mix here) who can retrieve specialized information about a specific topic. RAG is that particular assistant.

In regards to NetApp’s application, they are connecting the new NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservices that come packed with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform into their own intelligent data infrastructure.

From a customer perspective, that means all NetApp ONTAP users will now be able to unlock the potential of customized LLMs trained on proprietary data since this “new assistant” is here to help things out, allowing clients to “talk to their data” and unlock all the secret sauce a.k.a business insights without compromising on security or privacy.

Diving more into the details, customers can now directly query data off spreadsheets, documents, presentations, technical drawings, images, meeting recordings, or even raw data from ERP/CRM systems through simple prompts without additional hassle.

As a result, NetApp is foreseeing additional reduction in friction, cost, and time to value for RAG through this new partnership that can ultimately benefit enterprises of old and new no matter whether their data resides on-premise or across public clouds as long as data is properly safeguarded, accessed, and harnessed properly and effectively.


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