Students often rely on technological help in their studies. At this point, it is hard to recall the world where young people studied without the Internet, gadgets, and applications. Such learning goes so fast and efficiently. However, it really takes research and good knowledge of the app market to find products that can offer the best help. Sometimes, we don’t even know what kind of help we need to succeed. So, let’s see some of the most helpful applications for students.


The art of note-taking is sacred to students. They need to be good at listening during lectures, writing down essential information, elaborating on it at home, memorizing, and using it for exam revisions. The better your notes are, the higher your chances of acing those exams. However, that’s what young people often struggle with the most.

Fortunately, Evernote can help young people deal with any notes-related work. First, it is a perfect platform for note-taking. You can easily access the app on a laptop or mobile device, and you don’t even need Wi-Fi to work on it. The app will synchronize everything later. Secondly, you can use various labeling categories to organize your notes based on time, subjects, importance, etc.

Finally, the application offers numerous templates for any other work, including budgeting, study planning, daily routines, travel packing lists, etc. In addition, Evernote is a powerful platform for teamwork. You can share access to a file and work on it remotely as a team.


Students have to deal with a lot of plans and to-do lists on a daily basis. They are involuntary multitaskers. However, having too much to do with limited time can create pressure and anxiety. It’s hard to keep all the information and chores in the head. It’s also ineffective to make notes on random pieces of paper.

ToDoist will make you leave those dark ages in the past. This app is perfect for organizing your routine, school schedule, shopping lists, and even long-term plans. You can put all your ideas, chores, and wants into that app, label them accordingly, set them into different categories and time priorities, choose a special color scheme for plans, and much more.

Students can install ToDoist on their desktops or phones. Either way, it will send you notifications and reminders to check on your schedule and plans.


All students have to face writing tasks. Not all of them are born writers, though. Still, essays, research papers, and dissertations are a big part of the modern education system. So students have to polish their writing and editing skills. Of course, they can count on help down the line. Grammarly can drastically improve students’ writing game by eliminating all their errors and inconsistencies.

This application can detect any grammatical mistakes, including punctuation, typos, passive voice, etc. It will highlight and correct all the trouble areas. Plus, it will help maintain an academic writing style by giving suggestions on word usage or sentence structure. A paid version will also provide you with a plagiarism check.

However, even Grammarly can’t make a miracle of writing a whole paper from scratch a few hours before the deadline. Luckily, professionals from can do such a job just fine. Such sites exist to help students in dire need of writing assistance.

Pomodoro timer

Efficient studying requires special techniques and smart approaches. Pomodoro timer can provide students with clear guidelines for improving their revision game. Thus, young people can use this app when starting a study session. They just need to start the timer. The app will notify them of a 25-minute work session and ask them to take a 5-minute break. The technique is rather simple. However, clearly divided work and break time help prevent exhaustion, improve retention and focus, motivate students, and reduce procrastination.


Sometimes, our gadgets and applications can do more harm than good. Thus, some students get easily distracted by technology. No worries, though. There is a solution. Students can download blocking apps whenever they can’t manage digital temptations themselves. Freedom is one of the finest examples of such an app type. It is simple, efficient, and, most importantly, blocks sites and apps on all your devices at once. Hence, there are no chances of going around the block by opening blacklisted sites on a computer.

Blacklisted platforms can’t be accessed during the chosen time. It’s your study sessions, and Freedom helps you find peace and quiet. You may even use ambient focusing sounds during the blocking sessions.


Students are among the most vulnerable groups to developing mental health issues. They live under a lot of stress and often struggle with quality sleep, self-image, and relationship issues. Overall, it is hard to be a young person navigating this new, big world by yourself. Calm can be a student’s guide in these uncertain times. This application prioritizes mental health and teaches young people how to take better care of themselves.

The goal of Calm is to spread awareness about mental health. So, this application provides multiple guided meditation lessons to ground people and build their self-awareness. It also offers to improve sleep quality by providing bedtime stories (often read by celebrities), bedtime music, camping sounds, etc.

Overall, Calm can make young people less stressed and anxious. They learn to shift focus on their needs, improve sleep, and learn to recognize their mental health status by meditating.


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