These days almost all people have smartphones. They use their devices to chat with friends and entertain themselves. Therefore, many people consider smartphone devices that steal time even though they help request a ride or purchase something in a few taps. Nevertheless, mobile phones can also be beneficial in monitoring your health. There are a lot of different applications that can help you examine your heart rate or daily activity, monitor your nutrition, or even track your symptoms with ease. If you also want your smartphone to help you pay close attention to your health, check out the selection of the best apps below in the post.

Apple Health

This application comes with all Apple smartphones by default. In a nutshell, it is a feature-rich health application to monitor the condition. For example, the application uses smartphone sensors to measure the number of steps made. Also, it monitors the level of sound in headphones and notifies users if the volume of music in their headphones may be harmful. Nevertheless, if you own Apple Watch, a wearable accessory, you can get a lot of helpful insights about your health in the app.

For example, it tracks activity, heart rate, sleep cycles, etc. All the information can be easily shared with doctors thanks to many integrations. If you’re a student who spends many hours behind your desktop to complete your assignments, the app will notify you that you lack vital exercises to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But this app is unlikely to help you with tricky papers, so that you may need academic assistance. Check out nursing essay writing services for US students, and your academic routine will no longer be problematic.

Instant Heart Rate

It is one of the most top-rated apps installed on both Android and iOS devices. The application offers the ability to measure heart rate with the help of a smartphone’s camera. A user needs to install the application on their smartphone first to check it. Then, they have to put their finger on the primary camera. The flashlight will highlight the bloodstream, and the camera will measure the heart rate using particular algorithms. All the measurements are saved and used for creating detailed reports that can be shared with a doctor in a few taps. The app aims to fight heart diseases without purchasing expensive medical equipment.

Nevertheless, the app’s functionality is not limited to heart rate reports. It also analyzes reports and notifies users if it spots any dangerous patterns. Furthermore, the application offers free access to original articles on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living longer to keep your health in good condition. Also, users can find recipes that can positively impact heart health.

Google Fit

Google Fit is a comprehensive app that gathers and analyzes data about your health and activity. It collects information from a smartphone’s sensors, smartwatches, and even other apps to get as many details as possible. The application analyzes all the activity sessions and compares them to the required standards to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It shares points to assess the success of users. The app can be used to set goals, measure sleep cycles, and other vital factors. Also, users can add additional details to Google Fit. For example, they can add the amount of water consumed per day or note their weight daily.


It is an application that doesn’t need you to purchase any accessories for health tracking. To monitor their health, users have to build a habit to track all their symptoms and well-being constantly. In addition, the app has an easy-to-use interface that makes it much more convenient to use than any other application for making notes.

Users can rate their condition daily. Flaredown will save all the answers and form reports that will contain detailed charts. It’s vital to track the condition if you take medications or have a burdened schedule daily. You may also need time to adjust to the app and your new lifestyle. At this stage, you better check learn about all the academic options and nuances.


If you don’t want to spend many hours noting all your symptoms daily, this app is a great pick. It has a simple interface in the form of a list of the most common symptoms that you can experience, depending on the part of the day. Users have to rate their condition for every one of the symptoms from one to five. Then, the application analyzes all the data and provides detailed reports.

It has a lot of helpful features to monitor your health. Symple can track the number of steps, measure the heart rate, and monitor sleep. Besides, it has the inbuilt functionality that helps keep track of meds and meals. In case users have any questions or concerns about their health, they can note them in the app not to forget any important details when visiting a doctor.


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