What do most videos online have in common? They are often short, and there’s a good reason for that.

In today’s hectic and time-strapped environment, people have limited attention spans, making it imperative for content to be concise yet impactful. So what if you want to share an outstanding video for over 60 minutes? You can use a video cutter to trim it.

To create a professional-looking video with this tool, consider these tips and tricks:

1. Watch the Whole Video to Get a Sense of What It Is

Removing an indispensable component of your video will be a catastrophic misstep you’ll regret for years. Keep in mind that what you are working on is not only shots. They are elements of what could be vivid, compelling storytelling.

Before you use an online video cutter, watch the material completely. Take note of key moments, such as the following:

  • First few seconds of a video, which often set the tone and grab the viewer’s attention
  • Shots that establish the setting or location of the video
  • Introductions of people or topics important to the overall narrative
  • High points of action or emotion related to the overall story or message
  • Transitions between scenes or shots, which help maintain the flow of the video
  • Explanations of concepts or demonstrations
  • Conclusion that can leave a lasting impression
  • Key dialogues
  • Supplementary footage that supports the narrative or adds visual interest

2. Pick the Best Video Editing Software

Trimming a video today is easy because you have plenty of options. Unfortunately, not all are worth it. Choose your video editing software wisely if you truly want to be more productive and efficient.

Use these questions to help you weed out the good and the bad:

  • Does the software offer a trial version first?
  • Does this product offer you the features necessary to make your vision a reality?
  • Are the tutorials and help menu comprehensive enough to give you a smooth introduction, or do they leave you needing more information?
  • Is it affordable and compatible with your computer system?
  • Is the interface intuitive and easy to use?
  • What additional features can you leverage to simplify and expedite your editing process?
  • Can you integrate it with other applications?
  • Does it have good customer support?
  • What do the reviews say about the platform?

Note: Can you use a free video cutter? Of course, but weigh other important factors like quality and reliability.

3. Keep Backups of the Original Footage

Let’s face it: mistakes and unfortunate incidents can happen. For example, you might delete a clip or a transition necessary for the overall video. Or the file ends up being corrupted.

While many of these situations are uncontrollable, you can avoid further headaches and hassle by creating a backup of the original footage. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Select the right file format for backing up. A lossless file format like AVI or MOV is the best choice for video backup to ensure your footage remains flawless in quality.
  • Organize your files. Before creating backups of your videos, organize them into folders. Label them accordingly with the date, project name, and other relevant information.
  • Create multiple copies of the same file. Storing multiple copies of your videos in various places is wise to ensure you don’t lose any irreplaceable footage. You can keep them in external hard drives and cloud storage.
  • Verify data integrity after copying files. Before eliminating your originals, double-check that the duplicates you created are operational by playing one file at a time.

4. Plan Your Story

A video cutter online can only do so much for you. The ultimate secret to a well-edited work is starting and ending the project with a clear vision.

  • What is the story in your head?
  • Have you outlined the key points, transitions, and other details that will make the video engaging?

When building your story:

  • Start with an outline. Consider what content should be featured and how each segment transitions into the next. How will every scene contribute to the overall storyline?
  • Create a timeline or storyboard of the entire project. This allows you to evaluate which segments should be modified, trimmed, or removed from your video. Plus, it serves as a visual reference that can assist in understanding how everything is connected and streamlined into one cohesive product.
  • Organize footage according to the storyline. Take the time to arrange all clips and transitions in a way that makes sense. Doing so will help you eliminate any inconsequential parts, thus making it easier for your viewers to comprehend the narrative flow.

Creating a video project is more than just using a video cutter online. Crafting a captivating narrative that is both memorable and gripping requires meticulous planning. As part of this process, keep safe copies of all your original footage in case of unforeseen issues.

Leverage the power of cognitive neuroscience principles in your marketing to create amazing videos that keep viewers captivated from start to finish. Following these simple tips, you can craft compelling content and capture attention like never before!

If you want the best free video cutter, use Wave.video. Make the most of your video files with this free and simple-to-use editor. Easily trim, crop, and edit hassle-free! Plus, you can access an immense library of stock videos and images to amplify your projects. Try it today for a smooth experience creating great visuals!


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