HyperX is dropping a new suite of swag in partnership with Champion for the 3rd time that glows in the dark.

HyperX Champion Collab Clothes 1

Consisting of the Powerblend fleece hoodies, fleece joggers, and cotton T-Shirts, the brand new HyperX x Champion Glow in the Dark Collection features a simple and minimalistic branding glow highlighted among the super black fabric. As we all know that gaming can be both relaxing yet nerve-cracking sometimes, the balance between style, comfort, and quality is important for the people who stay indoors primarily who also needs some kind of low-key swag when heading out and that’s what the new series is targeting towards – Iconic streetwear with a hint of gaming.

HyperX Champion Collab Clothes 2

The sales for the HyperX x Champion Glow in the Dark Collection will start on July 14 with the Powerblend fleece hoodie priced at USD75 (~RM313.99), fleece joggers at USD60 (~RM251.18), and the cotton T-shirt at USD30 (~RM125.59). While Champion does ship them internationally, you’ll need to pay the rates for it but if you have the bucks to do it, stash yourself a couple of the comfy hoodies for gaming during the rainy season is pretty cool too.


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