We’re invited to Gigabyte VIP Suite for Computex 2015, located at Taipei 101 to check out on some of the latest products that Gigabyte is offering to the end users in the coming Q3 and Q4. We’re expecting to feast our eyes with some new G1 Gaming, Ultra Durable, SOC Force Intel Z170 chipset based motherboards and the new GTX 980 Ti WINDFORCE.
We first visited to gaming notebook booth and we’re already amazed by what Gigabyte have for us. Gaming notebooks with NVIDIA G-SYNC feature? It certainly is and the Aorus X7 Pro is just one of the G-SYNC ready gaming notebook from Gigabyte. Not only that, the Aorus X7 Pro comes ready with 5 macro keys that can be assigned to up to 5 profiles in total, giving you up to 25 functional macro keys to make your life a whole lot easier.
Aside of its Aorus brand, Gigabyte have also introduced its very own notebook that strives for a balanced point in between gaming and work. What surprises us is that this model actually comes with a hard drive bracket that allows you to remove the optical drive and install a secondary drive to it. An awesome feature to have, especially when you’re not even using the optical drive and could really use a secondary hard drive for storage. 
Moving on to the motherboard booth, we’ve spotted the awesome Kruper Dog mod by Maciel Barreto that is located just in front of the entrance. It’s not hard to imagine how much effort has Maciel Barreto put into this mod, just too awesome for us to handle.
Subzero cooling is going on here and the overclocking guru is seen fixing the infamous cold bug issue with a blow torch. 
Now this something that is out of our expectation, the Gigabyte Selfie Assistant! It packs with a tons of cool features such as face recognition, face tracking that allows the camera to follow every movement of yours without a miss. 
The new G1 Gaming series motherboard that is based on the Intel Z170 chipset? It appears that Gigabyte has taken quite an effort in redesigning the appearance and it looks a whole lot better than the previous G1 Gaming series motherboards – new chipset heatsink, cover for the rear I/O, new VRM heatsink and PCIe slot with metal armor of its own.
The lower end G1 Gaming motherboard, the Z170X Gaming 5 still looks just as good as the Z170X Gaming 7. It’s unclear why Gigabyte has decided for the large contrast in color difference but who knows if Gigabyte changed their mind with the color scheme and opt for either one of it? 
The Intel Z170 chipset based Ultra Durable series? Gigabyte seems to have ditched the black-yellow theme for it’s new motherboard, which is now in black-gold theme. 
While having our quick check on the latest graphics cards from Gigabyte, we’ve noticed this gem – the latest Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 Ti Windforce! It’s factory overclocked to 1190 MHz and capable of 1291 MHz boost, that’s an extra 190 MHz on stock and 216 MHz on boost compared to the reference GTX 980 Ti with 1000 MHz clock and 1075 MHz on boost.

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