Apacer’s President C.K. Chang giving his opening speech
Renown memory products manufacturer Apacer has some interesting tech for everyone of us during this Computex 2015 and we’re here to check it out ourselves at Apacer’s booth!
Some M.2 SSD, SATA disk module and SO-DIMM from Apacer on display.
Apacer’s latest gaming memory with a pretty impressive timing, the Blade DDR4.
And here’s the Thunderbird SSD that has been launched just a while ago.
Here’s an interesting piece of tech, the fingerprint flash drive that can only be unlocked with the owner’s fingerprint.
Something which we didn’t expected to see, a speaker? 
Media from around the world gathered here to check out on the latest products from Apacer.
Apacer’s President, C.K. Chang sharing his goals in making people’s life better. 
Here’s a mini setup to demonstrate how NFC SSD works.
In this demo, a phone acts as a key that has to be present to unlock the SSD if you’re intended to access the data in the NFC SSD by utilizing the NFC technology that has been underutilized for all the while.
Jeff Lin from Apacer demonstrating how NFC SSD functions.
Apacer shows off the durability of its SSD by submerging it into cold water.
Curious of how it is rated? Apacer shows you how SDXC / SDHC is rated.
USB 3.1 Type-C flash drives from Apacer, the AH185 and AH180.
Here’s the AH650 Fingerprint flash drive – Don’t get fooled by its appearance, if you think this is just another flash drive with a fancy enclosure, you’re dead wrong! Apacer’s idea behind this is to keep data security to a more personal level where you’re the only person that can access the data, since it’s been locked and the only way to unlock it is with your fingerprint. 

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