Germany’s leading Power Supply and PC cooling solutions manufacturer be quiet! announced its first PC chassis the Silent Base 800 last year back in Computex 2014 which turns out to be an excellent PC chassis and you won’t believe that’s their first and ever PC chassis. This year in Computex 2015, be quiet! continues its momentum for PC chassis and presented its second PC Chassis, the Silent Base 600.
Silent Base 600
If you’re not the type that fancies on large windowed panel to show off your hardware, have no fear as be quiet! has already taken that into account! The Silent Base 600 will come in 2 different version: windowed side panel and non-windowed side panel.  
In addition, be quiet! have also released the windowed side panel for the Silent Base 800 so that the existing Silent Base 800 owners who wants a windowed side panel, cheers!
The Silent Base 600 shares similar interior as the Silent Base 800 except for the support for multiple radiators like what has been offered by the Silent Base 800. 
The middle hard drive cage can be removed if you need that extra space for your long graphics card.
Thanks to the spacious design, you’ll still be able to mount a 280mm or 240mm radiator at the top of the chassis if you’re planning to go for liquid cooling solution.
Just like the Silent Base 800, you’ll have a large motherboard tray cutout to make installation easier for CPU coolers and 2 x 2.5″ SSD mount if you need that extra juice for your system.
Here’s one of  our favorite – Thanks to the spacious motherboard tray, cable management is made easier as you don’t have to worry about not having enough space to accommodate all the cables even if you’re using a non-modular power supply unit.
At the front you have an improved dust filter design than can be removed much easier for cleaning.
Same goes for the dust filter located at the bottom of the chassis, a simple pull on the lever will release the dust filter from its slot.
Both the Silent Base 600 and Silent Base 800 is a proof that be quiet! is serious in designing their PC chassis to ensure the best feature and quality can be delivered to the end users to satisfy their needs.  
SilentWings 3
Up next is the SilentWings 3 fan – that’s right, the 3rd generation SilentWings! SilentWings has been one of our favorite be quiet! fan
The rubber mount that we’re familiar with, helps to absorb vibration for a quieter operation.
The new universal mounting mechanism for all, be it as case fan, CPU cooler or radiator fan, the universal mounting mechanism can get the job done!
be quiet! claims that the new fan frame that shapes like a funnel works with the revised fan blade design to provide more airflow and pressure. 
be quiet! with its latest design of 6-pole motor and new motor IC to allow for quieter and vibration reduced operation as well as less power consumption.
Dark Power Pro 11

Aside of the Silent Base 600 and SilentWings 3, be quiet! have also showed us their latest Dark Power Pro power supply, the Dark Power Pro 11. Claimed to be the most advanced Dark Power Pro they’ve ever built that features the new SilentWings 3 fan, 80 PLUS platinum efficiency and Overclocking key for multi or single 12V rail, we’re very eager to know what kind of performance does the Dark Power Pro 11 can deliver if it is placed in a monster rig with multiple GTX Titan X running under SLI.

Dark Rock TF & Shadow Rock LP

be quiet! announced both Dark Rock TF and Shadow Rock LP during CES 2015 and this time, we get to see it with our own eyes!