GAMDIAS has been focusing on gaming peripherals for the past few years, now expands into the PC components market this year with its newly released power supplies, the Astrape. The latest addition to its power supplies lineup is the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P, that’s capable of outputting a total of 1200W and is rated with 80 Plus Platinum rating. Of course, it comes with a few other tropes other than being just a power supply.

Let’s take a look at how well the fully modular GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P actually functions in everyday usage since it is their first ever high-powered power supply.


Model NameCYCLOPS X1-1200P
Total Power1200 W
Peak Power1440 W
Efficiency80 PLUS® Standard Certified
Cable TypeFlat
Capacitor100% Japanese Capacitors
Fan Size135 mm
Fan BearingFluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Lighting Effect26
Silent ModeSupport
DC to DC designYes
TypeATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92
Dimensions150 x 86 x 190 mm
AC InputVoltage100 ~ 240 V
Current15 ~ 8 A
Frequency47 ~ 63 Hz
DC OutputMax Output+3.3 V22 A120 W
+5 V22 A120 W
+12 V100 A1200 W
+5 Vsb3 A15 W
-12 V0.4 A4.8 W
Regulation+3.3 V± 2 %
+5 V± 2 %
+12 V± 2 %
+5 Vsb± 5 %
-12 V± 10 %
Operating Temperature0 ~ 40°C
ConnectorMain Power (20+4 Pin)x 1
CPU (4+4 Pin)x 2
PCI-E (6+2 Pin)x 10
SATA (5 Pin)x 9
Peripheral (4 Pin)x 6
Floppy (4 Pin)x 2
ProtectionOver Voltage ProtectionYes
Under Voltage ProtectionYes
Over Power ProtectionYes
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
Surge ProtectionYes
Inrush Current ProtectionYes
Warranty10 Years


Taking a look at the packaging, the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P looks more or less the same as any other GAMDIAS peripheral. It has the mostly black with white accents color scheme and a few hints of orange to highlight the features of the product.


Opening the box up reveals the entire CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P is covered with thick foam. This is really necessary as no one wants to receive their power supply damaged – and this CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P is really heavy too.

Beside the power supply, there is another pouch that holds all of the modular PSU cables that are included with the power supply. Even the wall socket is found inside the pouch. As stated in the specs list above, you do get a whole bunch of cables and there are a total of 10x 6+2 PCIe connectors and also 2x 4+4-pin CPU connectors. Many high-end motherboards these days require two of those 4+4-pin CPU connectors, and GAMDIAS has already prepared for that.


Looking at the unit itself, it has a rather familiar design. GAMDIAS touts that this PSU is using a side ventilation design. The fan itself is a 135mm fan with RGB lighting – because it’s 2018 and everything must be RGB.


Also at the back, there’s a RGB toggle switch. The CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P comes with a total of 26 different lighting effects – most of them are actually the same mode but with different colors. The CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P itself does not have any connector to synchronize its lighting with the motherboard and the rest of the components.


The cables that come with the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P is all flat, which makes cable management easier compared to the ones that is tightly sleeved.

User Experience

We’ve used the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P for a number of tests with AMD X470, Intel Z370 and Intel X99 which includes CPU and memory overclocking, gaming test with a GALAX GeForce GTX 1070 Ti HOF on AAA titles. There’s no signs of coil whine nor unstable power delivery so far, but we cannot guarantee that it will survive any unintended use of the product i.e cryptocurrency mining – since none of these test were able to draw off even 70% power off this PSU.

Now for the PSU fan, it’s not really at the level that I think is annoying, but it did annoyed one of ours here. In case if you’re one of those who is into a silent build, you can enable the silent mode switch at the back of the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P for a quieter operation. In silent mode is where the fan is “quiet as a mouse”, as GAMDIAS puts it. Though, it’ll be better if GAMDIAS would consider to opt for the silent operation design which allows the fan to operate in silent mode if the system load is below 50%.

Moving on to the RGB lighting, not a fan as usual, but here’s one thing that I really like, personally – the RGB lighting can be disabled. For those of you who likes RGB lighting, there are quite a number of modes and colors for you to choose to match your current setup. Everything looks good at this point? Not quite. Since pressing the switch cycles it through the list of modes, you’ll have a hard time if you overshoot the desired mode. With that said, I really hope that GAMDIAS will work on synchronize the RGB lighting on this power supply with the motherboard and other components i.e ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, ASRock RGB Sync, etc.

Final Thoughts

The full modular design and RGB isn’t really something that’s worth bragging about nowadays as there are actually a lot of already available choices in the market. Though, it’ll be great if GAMDIAS would actually consider to enable RGB lighting syncing with motherboards and software to control the RGB just to keep up with the current RGB trend – you’ll be left out if you don’t do it fast.

What’s really worth bragging about here is the surprisingly long 10 years warranty from GAMDIAS. Now, it does takes some confidence in your own product in order to provide end users with this kind of warranty – just like how the renown brands like Cooler Master, Corsair, EVGA, etc did for their power supplies with 80 PLUS gold certification or above.

It’s been quite sometime since the we started using the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P for various numbers of benchmarks and overclocking sessions and as of now, we haven’t noticed any signs of unstable power delivery nor fluctuations. While the PSU alone hardly reaches 60°C during the tests, the fan noise during operation can be somewhat annoying to some. Enabling the silent mode doesn’t really affects much of the performance for most users, so it is highly recommended if acoustic performance is your higher priority.

Price wise, RM 1099 isn’t the cheapest price around if you were to compare it to other brands which has already been on the market for years, just to be frank with you all. But here’s what I think which makes the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P a considerable choice when it comes to a power supply with high wattage capacity – the 80 PLUS platinum rating, fully modular design with flat cables, the surprisingly solid build quality and of course, that whopping 10 years warranty from GAMDIAS.


  • Solid build quality
  • 80 PLUS platinum certification
  • Fully modular design with flat cables for less cable clutter
  • RGB lighting with up to 26 modes and can be disabled if not needed
  • Powerful 100A on the +12V rail
  • Silent operation with silent mode enabled
  • 10 years warranty from GAMDIAS


  • Fan noise can be unbearable to some
  • RGB switching mode is not really user friendly
  • RGB cannot be synced with other devices

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