At Computex 2018, we saw AMD showing off the what they have in the labs – the 2nd generation of Threadripper. It now comes with a total of 32 cores and 64 threads! We were shown the rendering time of a custom Blender scene and Cinebench R15. However, no other details were provided about the upcoming Threadripper 32-core.

We got the opportunity to interview with James Prior, the Senior Product Manager of AMD. From there, we cross-checked it with a few leaked information -particularly from Tech PowerUp – and we have a pretty solid idea on what the Threadripper 32-core will be like.

Firstly, we know that the 32-core 64-thread variant will be the highest end in the 2nd generation Threadripper family. However, it does not mean first generation Threadripper will be discontinued. The second generation Threadripper is not a direct replacement. It was mentioned to us that the first and second generation of Threadripper will be in the market together.

Since the first generation of Threadripper has a total of 180W TDP on the 1950X, we asked about the Threadripper 32-core’s TDP. There isn’t a solid number given to us – but it’s somewhere around 250W. Tech PowerUp got a leaked screenshot of the 2990X (which is the Threadripper 32-core) and it states 250W TDP too.

Threadripper Gen. 2 Info Roundup 1

With such a high TDP, we asked about the coolers as well. 250W TDP is not simple to cool – and it is confirmed that AMD is once again not bundling a cooler with the Threadripper 32-core. However, AMD is now partnering up with CPU cooler manufacturers to create new coolers specifically for Threadripper. We do not know how many partners will there be, but we know one of them – Cooler Master. They created the Wraith Ripper.

AMD Ryzen Wraith RipperWe were told that all of the coolers that were made in partnership with AMD for TR4 socket means that it can cool the upcoming Threadripper 32-core (2990X) as well. Personally, I remain skeptical as the Wraith Ripper seems to be a dual-tower cooler with a single fan in the middle. To cool 250W TDP using an air cooler is a feat on its own. Let’s not forget that Cooler Master cannot possibly add more fans on both sides as it might hinder RAM compatibility.

Another interesting thing is that the new Threadripper 32-core will be using the existing X399 socket and motherboards. You’ll need to download the latest BIOS (when available) and plug it into the BIOS flashback port of the motherboard and it’ll automatically update to support the Threadripper 32-core. It’s a much elegant solution compared to the debacle with X370 and B350 motherboards and second generation Ryzen.

As for clock speeds, Tech PowerUp states that it is running on 3.4GHz base clock with boost clocks to 4GHz.

Personally, I’m skeptical about overclocking it with the Wraith Ripper. We tested the Threadripper 1950X using Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 that has a 360mm radiator – and it couldn’t cool the chip to prevent thermal throttling. Perhaps at countries like Malaysia that has higher ambient temperature, we’ll need double radiators? Perhaps a 360mm + 240mm custom loop?

Maybe we’ll need Cooler Master’s upcoming thermoelectric cooler.

Cooler Master Thermoelectric Cooler

We do not know how many SKUs will be available in the 2nd generation Threadripper family. We do know there is a 32-core variant and possibly a 24-core variant, but we do not know if there are more.

Another bright note here from AMD is that the current sockets will be compatible with CPUs released until the year 2020. AM4 socket will be used until 2020, whereas TR4 is still undetermined yet.


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