Phanteks has revealed a number of new items over at CES 2022 that will surely make its fans look forward for more.

Phanteks Shift XT

Starting with the PC chassis, the Evolv Shift XT brings a unique SFF experience that can extend its size to meet your cooling needs. Tailored with 3 forms of Compact, Air Cool, and Liquid Cool form factor, the Evolv Shift XT carries the premium build quality and components using a thick anodized aluminum panel, PCIe X16 Gen4 riser cable, and USB-C Gen2 front IO. There’s also the choice of going for a fine mesh side panel for improved airflow or a clean and stylish appearance with a tempered glass infinity mirror.

Phanteks Eclipse P600s Evolv X White

Going from black to white, the Evolv X and Eclipse P600s offers just the right slate for a full white-colored build. Both of them are mid-tower form factor that offers dual system capabilities, massive storage, and extended water-cooling support. The Evolv X and P600S Matte White Edition includes 3x 140mm white D-RGB fans and a D-RGB lighting strip in the PSU cover with all the lighting that can be directly connected to compatible motherboards.

Phanteks Revolt SFX

Moving into the power supply units, the super-compact Revolt SFX PSU maximizes versatility while providing a large amount of power that can come either 650W or 750W with either 80 PLUS Gold or Platinum rating. The silent 92mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan with intelligent thermal control optimizes noise and cooling depending on the load while anything under 30% load automatically engages the 0 RPM mode for absolute silence.

Phanteks AMP 1000W White

There’s also the AMP 1000W White which is one of the important members for a white build since the fully modular power supplies are also rated at 80 PLUS Gold with 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan doing all the smart noise and cooling balancing just like the Revolt SFX.

Phanteks SK Fans White

You might have realized now that the entire white series of PC chassis and PSU is getting wrapped up with the SK PWM D-RGB White fans that previously appeared in the P400A. The PWM function precisely controls how fast the fans need to spin in order to achieve either higher airflow or low noise cooling.

Phanteks Gen4 Riser Vertical GPU Bracket

Lastly, the new Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket does what does – lifting your precious GPU into a vertical placement with full PCIe 4.0 speeds. Tailored specifically for the P300A, P360A, and P400A, the casings have an open PCI slot to allow the vertical bracket to be installed directly without any hassle but of course, you can use this for any other chassis too. The included 220mm long PCIe Gen4 x16 rise cables are made with a dual-layer design to maintain the stability and performance of the high bandwidth signals with each individual laneway is shielded from EMI/EFI interference to prevent interference between channels to further improve signal integrity. The Flat Line riser cables will be available in 150mm (90-degree adapter), 220mm (90-degree adapter), and 300mm (180-degree adapter).


Good news! Nearly all of the newly announced Phanteks items have their price revealed and are expected to release within Q1 of this year.

  • Evolv Shift XT – USD169.99
  • Evolv X Matte White – USD229.99
  • Eclipse P600S Matte White – USD199.99
  • Revolt SFX – USD119.99 (650W Gold) / USD129.99 (750W Gold) / USD139.99 (750W Platinum)
  • AMP 1000W White – TBA
  • SK PWM D-RGB White – USD34.99 (120mm 3-Pack) / USD44.99 (140mm 4-Pack)
  • Vertical GPU Bracket Gen4 – USD69.99
  • Gen4 Riser Cables – USD59.99

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