Phanteks has recently announced the release of its latest products which includes the Revolt SFX 850W Platinum and AMP 1000W V2 PSUs, 12VHPWR PCIE GEN5 Adapter Cable, and Glacier One T30 AIO liquid cooler. Let’s check them out.

Phanteks Revolt SFX 850W PSU

Featuring a small SFX footprint, the Revolt SFX 850W comes with native PCIe Gen5 12VHPWR support as well as shorter and super flexible power cables to make managing and building a compact system much easier.

It also adopts an inbuilt 92mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan with intelligent thermal control that optimizes noise and cooling performance, along with a 0 RPM mode for minimal noise while under 30% load.

Phanteks AMP 1000W V2 PSU

On the other hand, the AMP 1000W V2 offers clean cable management with its flat ribbon cables and includes a 12VHPWR cable to support any newer generation graphics cards. The equipped 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan can also be temperature controlled in Hybrid Fanless mode for extra silent performance.

Phanteks 12VHPWR PCIe GEN5 Adapter Cable

Following that is the Phanteks 12VHPWR PCIe GEN5 Adapter Cable, which is built of high-quality materials like high current terminal connectors and 16AWG wires to ensure safe usage with the latest ATX 3.0/PCIe 5.0 requirements.

Phanteks Glacier One 240 360 T30 Gen2 AIO

Last but not least, the Phanteks Glacier One T30 Gen2 is a high-end AIO liquid cooler that brings excellent cooling performance thanks to the combination of T30-120 fans, Asetek’s Gen8 pump, and a 30mm thick radiator.

Similar to other Glacier One series AIO coolers, it also has an infinity mirror pump cap design with a tempered glass window, anodized aluminum covers, and integrated D-RGB lighting, which users can sync and control with their Phanteks case or motherboard to expand their lighting setup.

Pricing and Availability

All the items introduced above are currently available at the following prices:

  • Revolt SFX  850W Platinum — USD$199.90
  • AMP 1000W V2 Black — USD$159.90
  • AMP 1000W V2 White — USD$169.90
  • 12VHPWR PCIe GEN5 Adapter Cable — USD$19.90
  • Glacier One 240 T30 Gen2 — USD$189.90
  • Glacier One 360 T30 Gen2 — USD$259.90

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