Phanteks has recently launched its new XT Series of PC cases that are offered in three options:  the XT Pro, XT Pro Ultra, and XT View, all of which are designed to prioritize cooling capacity and internal space while providing excellent value.

Phanteks XT Series PC Cases launched 1

To begin with, all models are capable of supporting the largest GPUs without compromising style points while accommodating a dedicated top 360 radiator space for optimal thermal performance. All the cases also come with pre-install fans as follows:  the XT Pro with 1 x M25-120 black fan, the XT Pro Ultra with 4 x M25-140 DRGB fans, and the XT View with 3 x M25-120 DRGB fans.

In case you prefer air cooling over liquid cooling, both XT Pro and XT Pro Ultra can hold up to 10 x 120mm and 6 x 140mm fans, whereas XT View allows up to 9 x 120mm fans. Plus, the XT Pro Ultra and the XT View models include an integrated USB-C 3.2 Gen2 for ultra-fast data transfers.

Phanteks XT Series PC Cases launched 2

Not only that, but the XT Series accommodates the latest MSI Project Zero and ASUS BTF mainboards and comes with concealed rear connectors to ensure a cable-free and well-organized interior setup.

Moreover, the GPU will receive dedicated attention with 3 x 120mm fan locations on the midplate to offer direct cooling to enhance the card’s performance power while extending its lifetime.

Pricing and Availability

Starting this month, fans may purchase the Phanteks XT Series PC cases at the prices below:

  • XT Pro Black — USD$49.99
  • XT Pro Ultra Black — USD$69.99
  • XT Pro White — USD$74.99
  • XT View Black — USD$79.99
  • XT View White  — USD$79.99

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