Intel’s various announcements at the MWC 2024 event have covered lots of ground so here’s a simple summary post to help you catch up with most of the new news.

Intel MWC 2024 1

For the people who work in the 5G network industry, Intel’s latest advancement in performance improvement is delivered in an astounding 2.7x multiplier per rack that provides faster data processing and a more responsive network experience for users.

Intel Xon Scalable Processor with Intel vRAN Boost

How do they achieve that? Well, we’ll first look at the new 4th Gen Intel Xeon Processor with Intel vRAN Boost. Codenamed “Sierra Forest”, the line of chips offered is focused on the efficiency and raw core count with up to 288 E-Cores to power through a single unit of the system. Official numbers put it at 2x capacity increase gen-over-gen and 20% additional power savings over time.

Intel vRAN Boost is also part of the crucial tech here as it leverages AI to optimize network performance and efficiency for better cost-effective and adaptable network deployments thanks to no longer be bounded to specific hardware and software solutions.

Intel Xeon Granite Rapids D

What about the P-Core counterpart “Granite Rapids” line of Xeon processors? Well, they are still slated to come out this year but Intel did tease they will be releasing the “Granite Rapids-D” version of SKUs next year that focuses on edge computing with support of the aforementioned technology for 5G network-related deployment.

Intel Core Ultra with vPro

As for business-focused laptops, Intel vPro is finally entering the realms of the 14th Gen Intel Core Ultra family of products that combines the very best of on-device AI inferencing magic plus the signature vPro suite of productivity, stability, security, and manageability to help executives and power users to stand tall and perform their best in 2024.

With more than 100 new AI PCs offered by Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and more, the Intel Evo Edition certification can be stacked together with vPro to guarantee your thousand-dollar purchase will last you for years, be responsive and snappy, and rock various features together with nice battery life.


Just to touch up on edge computing for a bit, the Intel Edge Platform has officially gone, official. Through its expertise in edge node deployment and ample supplement of various processors, edge AI will now be better with support for heterogeneous components for lower TCO and zero-touch, policy-based management of infrastructure and applications, and AI.

Formerly known as “Project Strata”, the platform will be made available in the near future as they promise a Q1 2024 release. Partner work with other industry leaders like Amazon Web Services, Capgemini, Lenovo, L&T Technology Services, SAP, Red Hat, Vericast, Verizon Business, and Wipro are all being engaged as well.


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