With the world surviving the COVID-19 storm, the industry – no matter what category – has been swept around, and those who relied on technology are now more reliant on it than ever. To address the impact and plans to execute during the endemic phase, Arm returns to COMPUTEX 2022 to discuss just that.

Arm COMPUTEX 2022 1

Hosted by President of ARM Taiwan, CK Tseng, the forum revolved around how the ICT industry can turn the challenges of COVID-19 into opportunities to create a better future with Arm Technology.

To start things off, Tseng went for the reality perspective as he immediately addressed the consequences of not adopting technology into large-scale work premises like factories, smart retail, and warehouses. Through the most progressing computing technology which is AI now, Arm needs to find creative ways to provide augmented solutions to partners especially the current supply chain problems which can be remedied via automated and intelligent systems.

Arm COMPUTEX 2022 2

He also shared the new Arm Flexible Access (AFA) business model that basically changed how customers shops for Arm offerings. Essentially, it is much like a “buffet-style” browsing experience since clients are able to choose whatever they want before they place the final order in which a wide range of Arm IPs, tools, and training courses, and most of the time, these purchasables are either at low-cost or even free of charge for allowing a low entry barrier. Additionally, any experimenting and designing alongside licensing fees, are only due at the point of manufacturing included in the final SoC design.

Tseng also shed light on other business models as well such as AFA for Startups which provides qualifying early-stage silicon startups with limited funding the required IP, tools, and training at no cost together with full support from the Arm ecosystem, and also the collaboration with ITRI and Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) which bear fruition to IC Design Platform in order to serve the global startup community.

Arm COMPUTEX 2022 4

Wrapping it up, Tseng closed off the session with full confidence in ensuring Arm’s innovative solutions of delivering the increasing demands of AI, autonomous systems, cloud computing, the Metaverse, and more.


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