Razer has announced the release of its new apparel line including two stylish collections: Genesis and Unleashed. Let’s see what Razer’s take on the fashion genre.

Razer apparels Genesis and Unleashed 1

Razer Genesis

The Genesis features a minimalistic design with subtle green lines and the iconic tripled-headed snake logo. This collection includes a traditional t-shirt and shorts, as well as a fashionable bucket hat and a bomber jacket with a concealable hood and waterproof zippers, all designed with comfort in mind. It is made for those who seek a balance between effortless style and comfort with versatile pieces suited for everyday wear.

Razer apparels Genesis and Unleashed 2

Razer Unleashed

The Unleashed offers a bold and oversized print across a selection of stylish gear created for the ultimate fan. An oversized Tee, a stylish sweatshirt with seamless pockets, jogger pants, and casual shorts are all part of this collection. The zip-up hoodie which is large enough to cover gaming headsets is designed with the gamer in mind. Gamers can also complete the look with a choice of a snapback cap or a bucket hat, as well as a zip-up hoodie that is large enough to cover a gaming headset.

Pricing and Availability

The Genesis and Unleashed are now available on Razer’s official website. Refer to the following list for the prices of each product:

  • Razer Genesis
    • Tee — USD$49.99
    • Bomber Jacket — USD$99.99
    • Shorts — USD$69.99
    • Bucket Hat — USD$39.99
  • Razer Unleashed
    • Oversized Tee — USD$59.99
    • Sweatshirt — USD$69.99
    • Zip Hoodie — USD$99.99
    • Shorts — USD$59.99
    • Jogger Pants — USD$79.99
    • Snapback Cap — USD$39.99
    • Bucket Hat — USD$39.99

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