ViewSonic has recently unveiled a bunch of new monitors under the Elite family of monitors. Within the ViewSonic Elite family are gaming-centric monitors – and there are 3 new ones.

The monitors are the ViewSonic Elite XG550, XG270QC, and XG270. To top it all off, there are also other monitor-related features like the Elite Ally.

XG270: G-Sync with Blur Busters PureXP Strobe Certified

This new monitor also has the supremely fast 27-inch 240Hz refresh rate with NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility for a smooth gaming experience of up to 240Hz.

ViewSonic XG270

This new XG270 is also made in collaboration with Blur Busters to create a special strobe backlight technology. Tuning the PureXP to mitigate Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) to as low as 0.6ms. By lowering the MPRT means lowering motion blur, too.

This also makes the XG270 the world’s first monitor that is approved by Blur Buster.


Comes with a massive 55-inch 120Hz OLED panel, the XG550 comes with a 0.5 GtG response time and 4K resolution. It is also promised to have 99% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage.

There is also a ViewSonic Elite RGB accent lighting to potentially immerse the user even deeper into the world of whatever is shown on the screen.


This is another 27-inch monitor but with a 1500R curvature and with 1440p (2K) resolution It also has 165Hz refresh rate with 3ms (1ms MPRT) response time. IT also comes with a 550 cd/m² luminance with a >90% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage. And it also supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology.

ViewSonic Elite XG270QC

Elite RGB Alliance

The new XG27 series and XG270QC monitors are now supporting Elite RGB. Essentially, this announcement means that these monitors can be synced with two main partners, Razer and Thermaltake. This means you’ll only need a software – namely the Razer’s Chroma Workshop or Thermaltake’s advanced RGB software – to fully customize the RGB.

Elite Ally

The Elite Ally is technically an external OSD for the monitor where you can control the monitor’s on-screen display settings like game modes, adaptive sync, HDR, brightness, contrast, RGB lighting and more. It connects to the monitor via a USB and you can then start to fine-tune your monitor without touching the monitor.

ViewSonic Elite Ally

Currently, the ELITE Ally peripheral is only compatible with select ViewSonic ELITE gaming monitors.


The XG270QG and XG270 are available to purchase worldwide. The XG270QC launches worldwide in March 2020.  The XG550 is scheduled to launch Q4, 2020.


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