Online education, whether on the side of learning or teaching, has been a hassle since the pandemic struck the world, and now everything needs to turn digital or get left behind. As such, ViewSonic’s introduction of 3 new tablets is dedicated to education use that will make the job of distance teaching and learning a bit less tedious.

ViewSonic Pen Display ID710

First off the list is the Pen Display ID710, a 7-inch tablet that runs a great writing surface to allow students to steadily take notes, annotate, collaborate with an 8,192 rating of pen pressure sensitivity and 5080 LIP digital resolution.

ViewSonic Pen Display ID1330

Stepping up the size is the Pen Display ID1330 made towards the teaching side of things as educators usually need more ample space to list details and drawings for students to look at. Using the same panel specifications from ID710, it also has a 250 PPS rating for better responsiveness with 6 shortcut buttons on the side to quickly access different functions like changing tip size, color, and more.


ViewSonic WoodPad Paper PF0730

Lastly, this is a bit special as the WoodPad Paper PF0730 is capable of digitizing writings through the 7.5-inch touch surface in real-time by placing a piece of paper on top of it to simulate an actual writing experience while having everything displayed on the screen within milliseconds. This is made for someone that needs to operate digitally while not discarding the habit of writing on paper.

Pricing and Availability

The ViewSonic ViewBoard Pen Display ID710, ID1330, and WoodPad Paper PF0730 can be bought from the Lazada links below at the following price.

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