Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 1
ROCCAT made hard gaming mousepad has been a favorite to many gaming enthusiasts and received numerous positive reviews throughout the years in the eSports scene. We’re lucky enough to get our hands on the ROCCAT RAIVO as the main highlight of today’s review, million thanks to Play Interactive for making this review possible.
Without further adieu, let us proceed with our review on the ROCCAT RAIVO.
*Available in 3 color choices, stealth black, lightning blue and midnight black, the SRP for ROCCAT RAIVO is 95 Malaysian Ringgit each.

Micro-Glanular Speed Surface
For ultra-fast gliding with mega-precise control
Intergrated Flex-Support Plate
For max stability with the longest play comfort
Ergonomic Battle Shield Shape
With wrist cut-out for top combat effectiveness
Non-Slip Rubber BackingFor worry-free warfare during even the most hectic battles
Dirt-Resistant CoatingFor tracking interference protection; easy to clean
Combat-Tested MaterialsFor the longest life of relentless, hardcore gaming
Perfect Size For Gaming350 x 270 x 2mm – for top notch performance and comfort

Color Available

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 3
ROCCAT RAIVO – Midnight Black
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 5
ROCCAT RAIVO – Lightning Blue
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 7
ROCCAT RAIVO – Stealth Black

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 9
Our first look at the packaging, ROCCAT never seems to run out of idea in producing eye catching packaging for their products – almost half the size of the mousepad is revealed with the ROCCAT logo on the box aligned with the ROCCAT logo on the mousepad itself. There’s 2 pieces of sample for both front and the base of the mousepad, allowing end users to feel the surface of the mousepad and helps in decision making for purchases.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 11
At the back of the packaging, the features offered is listed in various language for multinational end users.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 13
The ROCCAT RAIVO is a hard type gaming mousepad consists of 3 different layer of material, micro-granulated top surface, integrated support plate at the middle and non-slip rubber base. 

The top surface feels just like the double sided ROCCAT Alumic’s Speed side, giving you the favorable gliding experience with your gaming mice. While not being as rigid at the Alumic, the middle support plate still provide certain level of support for not flipping over even being held by the corner.

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 15
At the bottom of the ROCCAT RAIVO, there’s this large amount of circles on the rubber base for maximum grip to your gaming surface, giving you the best and uncompromised gaming experience from any unwanted slippage during intense gaming.

User Experience

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 17

We’ve tested the ROCCAT RAIVO with a Steelseries Xai and CM Storm Mizar on our daily routine and gaming session for several days. We have mixed feelings towards the ROCCAT RAIVO after the test, consists both pros and cons which will be further explained later on.

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 19
Starting off with the pros, the micro-granulated surface resembles the one which can be found on ROCCAT Alumic’s Speed side, meaning that you’ll be able to experience the near same gliding experience but paying less for it. Working with our daily routines and gaming with it has been a pleasant experience, the glide is smooth and consistent and the tracking for both gaming mice tested (Steelseries Xai and CM Storm Mizar) doesn’t shows any sign of skipping nor jitters throughout the entire testing period. The rubber base grip is extremely well too, we can’t find any proper way to simulate a compromising slippage.

As for the cons, the ROCCAT RAIVO is sharp by the corner which will somewhat affect user’s experience because whenever our gaming mice gets slightly off the edge, the sharp corner is holding the mice by its feet. This will causes a slight delay for users to recover from it and any delay is fatal for any professional gamers. It requires time to get used to the size and keeping control of the area of movement to the center area, but the sharp corners has somewhat causes discomfort to sensitive users overtime. 

Final Thoughts
To sum things up, the ROCCAT RAIVO is a pretty decent gaming mousepad for those who requires less movement and we would recommend it for those who seeks for a lower cost alternative of the Speed side of the ROCCAT Alumic, 95 Malaysian Ringgit – pretty much half of the price of the ROCCAT Alumic which the SRP is 155 Malaysian Ringgit.

– Smooth and consistent micro-granulated surface
– Alternative for ROCCAT Alumic speed side at lower cost
– Excellent tracking, no skipping nor jitters noticed
– Strong grip from the non-slip rubber base
– Easy to clean surface

– Sharp corners that stops the movement of a mice by its feet if it moves slightly off the edge
– The sharp corners might causes discomfort to some users 

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT RAIVO 21

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