Razer has recently launched its latest ultra-large size gaming mouse mats: the Strider Chroma and Goliathus Chroma 3X. Let’s take a look at them.

Razer Strider Chroma

Strider Chroma

The Razer Strider Chroma is a hybrid soft/hard mat that measures 900mm x 370mm and has a thickness of 4mm, delivering the smooth and consistent glide of a hard surface for agile and precise movement. It features an anti-slip base and is also warp-and-water-resistant for improved durability to maintain a flat surface for consistent control and protection against any accidental spills.

In addition, Razer says that the Strider Chroma is the world’s first hybrid gaming mouse mat with multi-lighting zones, boasting 19 customizable lighting zones for unparalleled personalization.

Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL

Goliathus Chroma 3XL

In case you want an even larger mat, the Goliathus Chroma 3XL got you covered with its gigantic size of 1200mm x 550mm with a thickness of 3.5mm. The ultra-large mat is equipped with a micro-textured fabric surface and is tuned for all sensitivity settings and sensors, allowing for total tracking responsiveness for reliable in-game control.

On top of that, gamers can experience full RGB personalization and deeper immersion with its 16.8 million colors, numerous patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects powered by Razer Chroma RGB.

Pricing and Availability

Both of the large-sized mouse mats are currently available on Razer’s official website at the following prices:


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