Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 1
ROCCAT gaming mousepad has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from users ranging from home users to gaming enthusiasts. ROCCAT seems to be targeting a group of end users newest gaming mousepad – not soft, not hard, but a knife-edge thin mousepad known as the ROCCAT SIRU, specially design for users who prefer ultra thin mousepads.
Our review today is made possible by Play Interactive, million thanks to them for sending us a review unit of the ROCCAT SIRU. Let us proceed with the review without letting the grasses to grow under our feet – how will the ROCCAT SIRU perform in meeting our expectation?
*Available in 2 color choices, Cryptic Blue & Pitch Black, the SRP for ROCCAT SIRU is 35 Malaysian Ringgit each.

Optimized Gaming Surface
Ensures pinpoint accurate tracking with high glide and control
Knife-Edge Thin
Gives you direct and responsive feedback from your surface
Optimum Size
Perfect battle effectiveness with 340 x 250 x 0.45mm dimensions
Non-Slip Backing
Means pad stays where you put it thanks to solid grip and hold
Easy To Clean
Engineered to last with durable, combat-ready materials
Top-Notch Compatibility
Field-tested with over 80 optical and laser mice

Color Available

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 3
ROCCAT SIRU – Pitch Black
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 5
ROCCAT SIRU – Cryptic Blue

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 7
Our first look at the packaging, aesthetic enough to caught the attention of almost anyone at first sight. The cutout at the bottom left corner reveals the surface of the mousepad to allow end users to feel the texture of the actual product, a great approach to help end users in decision making.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 9
The back of the packaging shows the features offered in various language and a small cutout that reveals the base of the mousepad.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 11
The texture of the surface feels almost exactly as the surface of the ROCCAT Alumic, but few times thinner. 
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 13
While placed on the table, it feels as if it wasn’t even there – great choice for those who prefer ultra thin gaming mousepad. 
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 15
The base of the mousepad looks like tiny suction cups that spreads through the entire surface, yet it doesn’t feels sticky nor rubbery at all. As if magic, it seems to be able to attached to almost any smooth surface as long as the surface is dust free.
Testing Method
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 17
Our first attempt having it placed on a box and held vertically, it holds firmly and shows no sign of tearing for the surface.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 19
Another attempt on the side of a desk, the result is the same. 
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 21
As long as the surface is smooth and dust free, it’ll hold firmly to that surface, even on the door of a closet.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 23
It’s even able to stay firm on the surface of a glass door without breaking any sweat, zero worries for any potential slipping during intense gaming session.

While being able to stick on almost any smooth surface, the removal process is as easy as lifting a piece of paper. Another thing that we’ve noticed is that the tiny cups on the non-slip base is prone to tear and wear overtime, our thoughts is that the ROCCAT SIRU isn’t meant for LAN Parties or similar purposes that involves repetitive stick and tear. 

Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 25
Within hours of usage, we can say that our experience with the ROCCAT SIRU is pretty good. Tested with a Steelseries Xai and CM Storm Mizar, both mice glides well and there’s no signs of cursor skipping nor jitters. The only noticeable downside after hours of usage is that there’s some dead skin captured on the edge of the mousepad if you’re the type of person who has a sweaty palm. 
Final Thoughts
This is our first time coming across gaming mousepad like the ROCCAT SIRU and it turns out to be a pretty unique and decent one, the grip from the base surpassed our expectation, far better than any non-slip base we have came across to date. Still, the durability of the non-slip base is still questionable as we did notice minor signs of wear and tear after numerous tearing from multiple surface throughout our test.
– Knife-edge thin, as if it wasn’t there when placed on a surface
– Easy to clean surface
– Uniquely designed base that grips firmly to any dust-free smooth surface
– A just-right size, not too large, not too small, just right
– Same smooth surface as the ROCCAT Alumic
– Great value for the features offered
– Prone to damage due to bending
– The non-slip base will wear out if it’s being stick and tear off too often
– Dead skin get trapped easily at the edge of the mousepad if user has a sweaty palm
The ROCCAT SIRU is truly an outstanding value performer gaming mousepad in overall and we will not hesitate to recommend it. Hence, the ROCCAT SIRU deserves a highly Tech Critter Gold award for being an outstanding value performer gaming mousepad.
Unboxing & Review - ROCCAT SIRU 27

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