It’s been years since Cooler Master’s involvement in the gaming peripherals market with its subsidiary brand, CM Storm which has now renown by the gaming community around the globe. Among the wide variety of gaming peripherals available, we’ve seen quite an amount of quality products through our reviews, i.e: CM Storm Reaper Gaming Mouse, CM Storm Octane Gaming Combo SetCM Storm NovaTouch TKL.
In today’s review, we will be examining one of Cooler Master’s very best gaming mouse pad available, the CM Storm Swift-RX – Special thanks to Cooler Master Malaysia in provision of the review unit. 
(The CM Storm Swift-RX retails at RM39 – size S, RM59 – Size M, RM79 – Size L, TBA -Size XL)
Our first look at the box, other than the picture of the product itself, Cooler Master has included the size of the gaming mouse pad ( have you noticed the ‘M’?) on the front of the box. 
Specifications of the gaming mouse pad can be found at the side of the box – type of surface, material used for the base, dimension and size.
A small cutout of the cloth used for the gaming mouse pad is placed just next to the details to allow users to feel the texture of the gaming mouse pad for easier decision making. Kudos to Cooler Master for being very thoughtful on this matter!
A brief introduction of the gaming mouse pad can be found on the other side of the box.
It looks like Cooler Master has sent us a very rare CM Storm Swift-RX autographed by Revival and Polt of Starcraft II fame!
Gaming mouse pad plays a very important role in gaming equipment for competitive gaming and cloth or soft mouse pad is among the most popular choice of gaming mouse pad as it’s much more easier to be carried around compared to hard gaming mouse pads, but majority of the soft gaming mouse pad suffers fraying edge overtime caused by many factors which makes the gaming mouse pad virtually unusable – The CM Storm Swift-RX however, is among the gaming mouse pad in the market that has stitched edge to prevent fraying edge issue.
Be it sweaty palm or excessive folding, the Swift-RX has its edge fully stitched so it will not fray overtime.
The cloth used on the Swift-RX is surprisingly smooth we must say, this allows you to glide your gaming mouse seamlessly on the Swift-RX.
The rubber base is the ones we commonly see on cloth gaming mouse pad that helps to provide the grip to hold the gaming mouse pad in place.
The usual zig zag pattern texture that we normally seen on cloth gaming mouse pad.
User Experience
Tracking was excellent and no visible skipping nor jitters was found throughout the test, all thanks to the slick and seamless surface like most speed edition gaming mouse pad that allows our gaming mouse to glide quickly with almost no hindrance at all, except for the area of the rubber printed Swift-RX wording that slows down your glide if your hand movement gets aggressive and hovers across that area. 
Final Thoughts
Other than the minor issue with the rubber printed wording, the CM Storm Swift-RX gaming mouse pad is no doubt another quality product from Cooler Master that is very much to our liking. We’d say that it is definitely one of the best cloth gaming mouse pad you can get, especially when the price is just as reasonable as the quality you’re getting – Smooth gliding experience, excellent tracking that is jitters free, zero worries on fraying edge, comfortable for your palm to rest on.
We will definitely recommend it with no hesitation, but first, let us give the Swift-RX the Tech Critter Gold award and Recommended award!
  • Slick and seamless surface that gives a very pleasant mouse glide experience
  • Very reasonable price
  • Stitched edge to prevent fraying edge
  • Excellent tracking, no skipping nor jitters noticed
  • Strong grip from the non-slip rubber base

  • The rubber printed wording on Size S and Size M variant will somehow affect the overall experience of users who has a very large hand movement