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Fnatic Gear, is a new gaming peripherals brand by the renown Esports team Fnatic after the successful acquistion of FUNC, a gaming peripherals manufacturer. Fnatic is planning to redefine gaming pheripherals by delivering what’s truly best for gamers – we believe that these professional Esports players will personally get involved in the products during the product development and testing phase.
Special thanks to Fnatic Gear Malaysia for sending over a care package to Tech Critter’s testing lab, making today’s Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL gaming mouse pad review possible. While we’re waiting for the pricing of the Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL to be confimed, let’s find out what kind of quality can we expect from this Esports team branded gaming mouse pad!  
Esports Inspired
FOCUS was developed by the world’s leading professional gamers to deliver precision accuracy, control, and reliability to support play at the highest levels. The surface is professional player tested and approved for the highest levels of competitive play.

Fnatic Quality
Designed with tournament play in mind the FOCUS is manufactured to the highest standards so that it is built to deliver time and time again. It’s built with a non-slip rubberised layer to ensure a steady grip on any desktop.

Pro-Grade Tracking Surface
The woven surface supports rapid movement and game play while still being able to deliver laser-like precision and control. Best performance is seen when combined with a mouse equipped 
with an pro-grade optical sensor.
Ergonomic Design
With a low-profile and made with a soft-woven material, FOCUS is comfortable and provides a tactile feel of control to your gaming experience.

Focus Texture
FOCUS is uniquely textured to improve control for more precision gameplay and comfort during long sessions of gaming.
Non-Slip Grip
FOCUS is equipped with a non-slip rubber backing to ensure a steady grip on any desktop.
Warranty Terms
2 Year Warranty from purchase date
Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 3
The Fnatic Gear Focus 
Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 5
The Fnatic Gear Focus is, a cloth based gaming mouse pad that comes with a smooth cloth on top of a rubber pad. The design isn’t much special as what we can see here, the usual black cloth and a logo printed at the bottom right of the cloth.
Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 7
On closer inspection, the cloth surface is extremely smooth, much to our surprise. Still, things can be even better if the edge is stitched to prevent fraying edge, something which cloth gaming mouse pad suffers from after a long period of usage.
Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 9
The usual zig zag pattern texture that we normally seen on cloth gaming mouse pad that is proven to provide the best possible grip for decades.
User Experience
Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 11
The test is conducted with FPS games such as Crysis 3, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with one of ROG’s latest gaming mice, the ROG Sica to see if the Mayan-inspired detailing makes any difference when compared to the usual cloth mouse pads we normally use. After hours spent on the gaming test, we can conclude that the difference is barely noticeable. Though the gliding experience is pretty good in overall and no noticeable jitters nor skipping despite its uneven surface.
Final Thoughts
The Fnatic Gear Focus mouse pad to be a very outstanding cloth based gaming mouse pad because of several reasons; the cloth surface is surprisingly smooth compared to majority of the cloth based gaming mouse pad you can find on the market, it doesn’t have any issue for the gaming mice we have to glide smoothly on its surface, tracking was excellent with no visible jitters.
Then again, cloth based gaming mouse pads are prone to the sweat stain issue that is known throughout the years and the Fnatic Gear Focus gaming mouse pad itself, cannot escape from that as well.  This however, can be easily overcome with frequent cleaning using a damp cloth.
  • Heat treated edges that further enhance the durability against fraying edges
  • Slick and seamless surface that gives a very pleasant mouse glide experience
  • Excellent tracking, no skipping nor jitters noticed
  • Strong grip from the rubber base
  • The edge of the mousepad isn’t stitched
Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 13Unboxing & Review: Fnatic Gear Focus G1 XL Gaming Mouse Pad 15

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