Admit it, storage space is always an issue, no matter the size, it’s never going to be enough. Adding storage to a PC is relatively easy but what about if one happen to have a smartphone with non-expandable memory? On-the-go USB is one simple solution; and today we’ll take a look at the Archgon Play! OTG mobile Card Reader.

Now Archgon is a brand that produces small peripherals and enclosures for myriads of PC-devices so having this as one just for Android devices (sorry Apple fans) this little card reader will allow users to place files on a separate SD-card or Micro-SD card even if their android device doesn’t have memory expansion slots. Retailing at RM25 (SRP), it’s a pretty cheap solution.
The Archon Play comes in a small blister/cardboard pack.

Details about the Archgom Play are at the back.

The content? just the Archgon Play unit and a user manual.

here is how it looks like with a SD-card attached.


Right from the get go, it works just like a USB card reader the only difference is that it’s designed for Android devices. The advantage of this over other OTG USB drives is that one could choose to add memory up to 32GB on the SD/Micro-SD cards. This device would really benefit me as I need to transfer photos from my DSLR for immediate use at times. Bear in mind that only one card will be detected if both slots are occupied at the same time.

I’ll admit that this isn’t the most elegant of solutions, but it just works and watching movies from the memory card doesn’t ruin your style. Depending on your device, your file manager may not pop up like it did on my test with the Samsung Galaxy Note II here. Just sad to say that in my tests, rooted android devices running custom ROMs have difficulties detecting the card reader.

Pictures, music and video files are accessible without any problems. The dual card slots is a great implementation however one could always use an adaptor to read from a Micro-SD. I just wish that I could connect this to the PC without the help of external adaptors so that I could have an all-in-one card reader.


The Archgon Play is a nifty product for Android devices. Simply a great solution for memory expansions or file separations from the main memory card in your phone. It’s not for everyone, but I’ll recommend it to people who are looking for a solution to transfer data via SD/Micro-SD Cards directly to their mobile devices.


  • Cheap
  • Supports memory cards up to 32GB
  • Dual card size slot


  • Only one card will work if both are plugged in
  • Can’t be connected directly to the PC
The Archgon Play OTG card reader is a simple device that gets the Tech-Critter recommended badge.

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