Thermaltake Unveils Engine 27 Low Profile CPU Cooler, Powered by CoolChip's Kinetic Cooling 1
CoolChip’s partnership with Cooler Master on the Kinetic Cooling, a uniquely designed low-profile CPU cooler which consists of a metallic structure and copper base that provides more fortified and efficient thermal paths for CPU has gained quite an attention during CES 2015.
The seemingly promising ‘revolutionary’ cooling solution lost its hype in the following months after the event without any update from both Cooler Master and CoolChip. Things has been quiet for the cooler until early of July this year, as sources on OC3D stated that CoolChip is showing what appears to the the final product of the Kinetic Cooling CPU Cooler. Cooler Master on the other hand, shows no involvement in this particular update. 
CoolChip made an announcement on the availability of their Kinetic Cooling CPU Cooler, the Thermaltake  Engine 27 on its official Facebook page today, which confirms that they have ended their partnership with Cooler Master:


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