A few years ago, parents would be complaining that their kids are playing video games for hours and hours continuously. Now, times have change – you can make money out of esports and The Elite Championship Series (TECS) 2019 that is sponsored by Phidisk, PYDC, Pantheon, Komtar, and also Penang 2030.

There are also other co-sponsors too:

  • Archgon
  • Predator
  • Thermaltake

The Elite Championship Series 2019 TECS 2019 Phidisk

This event is meant to kickstart and hype up the esports community in the beautiful island of Penang. With the help from big brands and the state and a total of RM50,000 prize pool, there are also esports teams from Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, and Singapore.

The Elite Championship Series 2019 TECS 2019 Phidisk

There are also experiential zones at the event hall itself. There is a booth by Phidisk that showcases their SSDs whereby you can get a taste of the speed for yourself. One promotion that Phidisk is doing for this weekend only – you can buy the second PhantomKnight and WrathKeeper SSDs with 50% off.

Phidisk has these series of SSDs in the market:

  • PhantomKnight – entry-level SSD
  • WrathKeeper – mid-range SSD or entry-level NVMe SSD
  • TheKeeper – high-level NVMe SSD
  • Enchanter – enterprise-grade SSD
  • Dragonaut – microSD cards with V10 speed
  • Phoenix – microSD cards
  • PhoenixArmed – microSD cards + adapter to SD card
  • Crystalite – OTG USB flash drives with Type-C
  • iPhi – OTG USB flash drives with Lightning port for Apple devices, MFi certified

The Elite Championship Series 2019 TECS 2019 Phidisk

We have also reviewed the PhantomKnight and WrathKeeper SSDs too. The PhantomKnight is their entry-level SSDs that still comes with speeds that are much faster than a traditional hard disk. The WrathKeeper is Phidisk’s hero product for SATA III SSDs. The WrathKeeper comes with better speeds but is still limited by the SATA III interface.

Phidisk SSDs can now be bought at ALL IT Hypermarket.


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