The Oscars just wrapped up, and the winners got up the stage and gave their speeches. Taika Waititi, one of the directors of the hit TV show “The Mandalorian”, was asked what writers should be asking in the next round of producer forum. It is his first Oscar award, and his speech was more of a PSA about ergonomic instead. He complained about MacBook keyboards.

Variety uploaded a clip of Waititi’s complaint on Twitter, and judging by the way Waititi delivers his PSA, he is genuinely concerned and wants Apple to change for the better. He even went as far as to say that he’s considering PC laptops!

His major complaint is about the bounceback of the keystroke. I presume that because of the short travel distance on Apple keyboards nowadays, it instantly bottoms out when pressed.

Because Apple keyboards do not have any travel distance and the rubber dome instantly collapses and bottoms out, it’s tiring to type on. I know this because I have an Apple MacBook Air mid-2013 that uses the old, good Apple keyboards, and I have also used the MacBook Pro 15 with Touch Bar from 2016 that has the Butterfly switches. The Butterfly switches are extremely tiring to type on.

Taika Waititi The Mandalorian Apple Keyboards

Generally, we should all take ergonomic seriously. For us who sit in front of our computers for the majority of our days, having a comfortable setup that doesn’t hurt our bodies is important.

We’re writers ourselves – that’s why we can bring you content. I invested a lot of money to have my workplace as comfortable as possible – and sometimes, I don’t even want to leave my seat. It’s just too good.

If you’re writing on a desk most of the time, then I do suggest you get an external keyboard for maximum comfort. We have reviewed a lot keyboards here at Tech Critter, and you can click here to check all of them.


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