The GIGABYTE AORUS CV27Q curved gaming monitor recently won the iF Design Award for 2020, as announced by the manufacturer. The monitor apparently stands out from other competitors due to its exclusive features, fine-tuned details, outstanding product quality, and impressive design.

The monitor is capable of operating at up to 165Hz of refresh rate at 1ms while simultaneously enabling HDR, thanks to the support of DisplayPort High Bit Rate 3 (HBR3) technology. Not only that, the display achieves 90% DCI-P3 at a contrast ratio of 3000:1 which is pretty sufficient for everyday gaming. The Black Equalizer 2.0 helps to display details within dark areas by adjusting each independent partitions for better immersion.

Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q Tactical Gaming Monitor (2)

For the sound department, the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature is one of the more interesting aspects, as this technology normally exists solely within audio equipment and kudos to AORUS for implementing it and with the latest 2.0 edition, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) can be raised up to 120 dB and 600 input impedance. Not sure if gamers could change up their habit of plugging audio jacks into monitors instead of their rigs though.

Lastly, it won’t be the AORUS we know without the signature eagle indent accompanied by LEDs flashing on the back of the monitor can be synchronized through GIGABYTE RGB Fusion software with other components to add more diverse lighting patterns to the gaming system.

Find out all the deal-breaking features provided by this award-winning monitor through its official product page.


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