TerraMaster has announced the follow-up upgraded version of the original D2-310 DAS in the form of the new D2-320.

TerraMaster D2 320 10Gbps DAS

From the get-go, TerraMaster has doubled the USB connection speed from 5Gbps USB3.1 to 10Gbps USB3.2 Gen2 via USB-C so that big files can be quickly transferred safely and at a quick rate. Simulated testing tracks the feasible numbers at about 521MBps reads and writes when run with 2x HDDs or 810MBps with 2x SSDs instead (Both in RAID 0 mode by the way).

TPC Backupper with D2 320

The same port also allows connection of different platforms via USB or Thunderbolt signal (whichever is applicable) so definitely good for the multi-OS environment. Speaking of OS, be sure to run the TerraMaster TPC Backupper free software to keep proper backups and synchronize them regularly.

TerraMaster D2 320 Less Noise

The new model also adopted a new design concept that is low-key and clean to complement any form of office and home setups alongside technical improvements in the form of reduced operation noise of up to 50% thanks to internal structure optimization. Storage capacity-wise, the D2-320 can do 22TBx2 in case you just want tons of storage and not prioritizing speeds.

TerraMaster D2 320 Storage Expansion

TerraMaster also enabled the D2-320 to have the option to become part of a RAID configuration storage pool through the TNAS USB interface or be treated as 2 independent logic disks which in both cases, offers a huge flexibility that caters to a different range of customers.

Ah yes, let’s not forget the easy Push-Lock design which is screwless and secures the hard disk easily and tightly.


The TerraMaster D2-320 is now available in the US and Europe markets with other models of varied bays available in selected countries as well. Fulfillment is being done steadily.


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