Synology recently announced a new entry-level 2-bay network-attached storage (NAS), the DiskStation DS220j, a new affordable option built for data consolidation and management. If you’re an existing user of the DS216j and DS218j entry-level NAS, you can expect to see some pretty interesting features and improvements on the newly announced DS220j.

Other than retaining pretty much all the features available on the DS218j, the DS220j is now powered by a Realtek RTD1296 64-bit Quad-Core 1.4GHz CPU and 512MB DDR4, as well as supporting up to 108TB of maximum single volume size, which is a notable improvement over the DS218j.

Since taking photos and videos is way much easier nowadays, anyone can become a content creator. Synology stated that effective management and safekeeping of digital assets, whether for personal use or to share with others, has become a common challenge. The cost-effective DS220j allows anyone to easily set up a personal cloud to store and organize their data from other devices.

Despite being a budget-oriented product, the DS220j runs on DiskStation Manager, the solid platform for data management that is also used on the higher-end Synology DiskStation models. You can create your own personal cloud with Synology Drive for multi-versioned backups of your files on computers and easily share and synchronize these files with other people and across devices. You can also enable automatic photo backup on your mobile device and manage these contents easily with the personal photo management solution, Synology Moments.

To learn more about the DiskStation DS220j and its features, kindly visit the following link:


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