Synology has decided to push for the cheapest option possible in the home NAS market by announcing the new DiskStation DS223.

Synology DiskStation DS223 2

In a very small and compact form factor, the DiskStation DS223 provides 2 hard drive bays for you to slot in drives of your own with support of up to 36TB of raw storage which is plentiful enough for someone who frequently stores videos, images, and even game backups. Using the Synology Photos application, user can store their memories with ease while RAW file format can also be opened and read directly by creative apps for those who need to edit stuff directly in the NAS.

If needed, the unit can also be configured to work with cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more to realize real-time file synchronization for effective business use cases. Otherwise, it may also serve the purpose of offsite backup storage by setting up regular and scheduled backups.

Synology DiskStation DS223 3

Perhaps you need something to serve as dedicated storage for your home CCTV setup? Well, the DiskStation DS223 will be your local hard disk that provides total private ownership. Flexible ONVIF and more than 8,300 compatible IP cameras are ready to be connected with it and record everything 24/7 without relying on any cloud service.


The Synology DiskStation DS223 is available for purchase through authorized resellers in respective countries.


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