Synology’s Surveillance Station 9.1.2 update has brought forward a new set of features that will make 3rd party integration much more easier and friendly now.

Synology 3rd Party API and Webhook

Through a series of revamps and redesigns towards the most frequently inquired Surveillance Station Web APIs by including a new interactive API documentation site for everyone to browse through and integrate into their own use cases.

Furthermore, they have introduced a new ChatGPT plugin that can help users generate codes for API requests in multiple types of languages including Python, Golang, and more.

As for Webhooks, more comprehensive data can be transmitted now like AI analysis results, event details, and snapshots. Additionally, 3rd-party systems-generated data can also be used by Surveillance Station as well for a more unified platform.

Here are some sample use cases that benefit from the update:

  • Embed Surveillance Station video streams into web pages via WebSocket
  • Send license plate recognition results to access control systems to open and close doors automatically
  • Send face recognition results to attendance systems for seamless clock-in and clock-out
  • Display AI analytic results from third-party systems on live feeds in Surveillance Station


The Synology Surveillance Station 9.1.2 is now available for all customers worldwide.


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