As the month of September comes to a close, Sun Cycle has announced that they are bringing in a lot of things into Malaysia with a majority of them possibly going on sale starting October so let’s see what is in store.


Starting off the list is XPG’s SX8600 Pro, a PCIe 3.0 drive that is capable of delivering sustained speeds of up to 3.5GBps reads and writes thanks to SLC caching and DRAM buffer preventing the bottleneck in the first place. It also hosts end-to-end data protection and LDPC ECC tech that properly guards and protects your data while featuring an aluminum heatsink that can effectively cool the drive by up to 10 percent compared to other products that don’t have one.


For the RAM department, it is also XPG’s product in the name of the SPECTRIX D50 ROG which you guessed it, certified for ASUS ROG motherboards for full compatibility, overclocking capability, and the AURA SYNC synchronization flair. Built with high-quality IC chips, these kits are rated at 3600MHz which is the sweet spot for most rigs in the market.

NZXT H510 Flow

Moving onto the NZXT brand, the H510 Flow PC chassis takes the front spot due to its improved ventilation and a perforated front panel that conceals the NZXT spirit into this mid-tower that prioritizes cooling and performance in addition to easy rig building thanks to good accessibility.

NZXT Kraken X Series

Next up are the NZXT Kraken X series AIO coolers in a sleek matte white design that compliments the shiniest and cleanest build to the fullest. It provides high-tier cooling through the models X53 and X63 designed for most cases while the X73 is for the full tower and certain mid-tower boys. The package also carries up to 3 120mm AER RGB fans.

NZXT Kraken Z Series

As for the Kraken Z series, they are basically the same thing as the former coolers, except the CPU block is fancier due to it being fully unlocked for customization while having a slightly bigger LCD panel and costs a little bit more. Cooling-wise, it is theoretically the same for the Z53, Z63, and Z73 against its X series counterparts.

NZXT Kraken 120

If you want to take things to the minimum and compact level while staying within the “gamer” zone, the Kraken 120 is now better than ever thanks to the upgrades towards the water reservoir and the pump resulting in stronger force for moving liquids together with a refreshed look and support for the 5V ARGB ecosystem that can be easily lighted up without a hitch.


Lastly is the C series PSU also by NZXT. Simple, reliable, affordable is just what is being marketed for. 80 Plus Bronze certification and a range from 550W up to 750W together with DC-DC technology to reduce fan noise in the light loads, it will never let you down provided that you control your power requirements properly.


The only thing available right now in the market is the XPG SX8600 PRO at the price of RM678 for 1TB and RM1,290 for 2TB with the rest of the items still waiting for a final price tag and distribution date.


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