For the people who are ready to build a full water loop build that includes the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series GPU, you’re up for a treat because Phanteks got you ready with the Glacier G40.

Phanteks Glacier G40 1

The gorgeous water block provides a high-performance liquid cooling solution through the clear acrylic jet plate placed directly over the GPU die for optimal heat transfer while the full cover copper cold plate cools the VRAM chips and power components with additional cooling on the back of the PCB thanks to the backplate that comes with a clean integrated look.

Phanteks Glacier G40 2A couple of new features have been added as well such as the revised fitting location that allows for better tube routing even in some of the more compact chassis while an additional cutout is there to pair with a GPU support bracket for more stability. The Glacier G40 continues the tradition of Phanteks’ award-winning water blocks in the sense of it is made with 100% copper, cast acrylic, anodized aluminum covers, and extremely durably Viton O-rings with integrated D-RGB lighting that will fit any sort of PC builds.


Phanteks will follow up with another round of announcement as the price and launch date for the Glacier G40 is still unknown at the time of writing.


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