At its recent Computex 2024 keynote, NVIDIA showcased a range of advancements in its RTX AI technology. These features target various user groups, including gamers, content creators, and developers, with the aim of enhancing user experiences across a variety of applications.

G Assist Press Release KV

Gamers: Project G-Assist leverages generative AI to provide real-time guidance within games. This in-game assistant can answer player queries about gameplay mechanics, lore, or even optimize performance settings for a smoother experience.

Developers: NVIDIA ACE NIM simplifies the development process for creating realistic and interactive digital characters on RTX devices. This technology has potential applications in gaming, simulations, and even customer service.

Collaboration with Microsoft: A joint effort between NVIDIA and Microsoft aims to unlock the potential of generative AI within Windows applications. Developers will have access to APIs that harness the power of NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate small language models (SLMs) for tasks like content creation and automation.

RTX AI Toolkit: The RTX AI Toolkit empowers developers with a comprehensive suite of tools for customizing, optimizing, and deploying AI models specifically for RTX-powered PCs. It offers pre-trained models, memory optimization tools, and a streamlined workflow.

Content Creation: NVIDIA is integrating RTX AI acceleration into popular creative applications through partnerships with software companies. This aims to unlock new possibilities and improve performance for content creators.

RTX Remix Goes Open-Source: NVIDIA is expanding the capabilities of RTX Remix, its platform for game remakes. By making parts of it open-source, modders gain access to streamlined workflows, support for new file formats, and the ability to leverage AI tools.

RTX Video Now Available as an SDK: The popular AI-powered video upscaling technology, RTX Video, is now available as an SDK for developers. This allows them to integrate RTX Video’s capabilities for upscaling, sharpening, and HDR conversion directly into their applications. Potential beneficiaries include video editors using DaVinci Resolve and Filmora.

NVIDIA Computex 2024 Keynote Partner List Wall

These advancements in RTX AI technology offer a range of potential benefits across various applications. Developers will have access to new tools and resources, while users across different areas may experience improved performance and capabilities.


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