NVIDIA has revealed the data behind the increased responsiveness in the titles Shadow Warrior 3 and Ready Or Not alongside a couple of new hardware updates for the NVIDIA Reflex ecosystem.

Shadow Warrior 3 Ready Or Not NVIDIA Reflex

Earlier this month, Shadow Warrior 3 got the NVIDIA DLSS treatment that essentially boosted its achievable frame rate by up to 68% but having enough frames is not enough for responsive gameplay that could make a huge difference just by a couple of reaction frames off. With NVIDIA Reflex, system latency is reduced to a maximum of 56% where all GeForce RTX-based gamers can now enjoy with just a simple click. On the other hand, one of the recent Early Access titles that got quite a bit of attention is none other than the coop shooter Ready Or Not, and with NVIDIA Reflex, up to 42% of system latency is gone

Aside from software updates, NVIDIA also added certification for the AOC AG254FG and Viewsonic XTG271QG so that gamers rocking any one of these two can enable NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer to take the first step of getting the most responsive ticks out of their system.


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