MSI running multiple promotions and campaigns for this month and we are here to give you a fast recap on what are them and how you can enjoy some great deals by acting fast!

MSI x AMD Promotion March

Hitting the list first is MSI’s partnership program with AMD that provides a discount of up to RM300 through purchasing selected item combos of the Ryzen, Radeon and MSI motherboard items which include the following items:

  • CPUs
    • 5600X/5800X/5900X/5950X
  • GPUs
    • 6900XT/6800XT/6800/6700XT
  • Motherboards
    • All MSI X570/X570S

Basically, you’ll save RM200 for picking a CPU+Motherboard combo or RM300 by going the full CPU+GPU+Motherboard route.

MSI Assasins Creed Valhalla

Onto the next one is a simple one: Buy any of the listed items and get a copy of Assasin’s Creed Valhalla with the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion for free.

MSI Promotion March 2022

The last one is dedicated to the prosumer space where there are free items to be claimed when buying these industry/business-grade devices. Redeem process and information can be found here.

  • Free CH130X Gaming Chair
    • SUMMIT MS321UP @ RM3,999
  • Free GH20 Gaming Headset
    • PRO AP241 Intel Core i5 @ RM3,519
    • PRO AP241 Intel Core i3 @ RM2,969
    • Modern AM242TP Intel Core i7 @ RM4,449
    • Modern AM242 Intel Core i3 @ RM3,039
    • PRO DP130 Intel Core i3 @ RM2,659
    • PRO DP21 Intel Core i5 @ RM2,719
    • PRO DP21 Intel Core i3 @ RM2,359
  • PWP MP242 @ RM300 per unit
    • PRO DP20Z Ryzen 5 @ RM2,999
    • PRO DP20Z Ryzen 3 @ RM2,599

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