ASUS Malaysia has announced that the BR1100 series is joining the Back To School promotion campaign through a flat RM150 cashback.

ASUS BR1100 Specs

The BR1100 series consists of the BR1100C which is the traditional laptop form factor while the BR1100F runs a full 360-degree rotatable hinge for better viewing angles but both of them functions essentially the same – carefully specced with just enough power for daily education use at a low price to provide a low entry barrier to digital education while being equipped with durable parts and mindful designs that makes them tougher than your multi-thousand Ringgit device.

If you need a close-up and in-depth review of the device, we did made one for it last year which you can get to it by clicking here. In short, it is one of the more niche products that we feel like it is definitely “Made For Kids” and it did quite a good job of doing just that. And one of the most important things is that it runs Windows 10 Home and not Chrome OS so parents would not need to worry about being unable to set up their kid’s daily driver.

The ASUS BR1100 series starts from RM1,449 and can be acquired through online and offline resellers, promo included.


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